Hi, I’m Esli. Here you will find my love for good food, family, life, travel and the adventures that have come with that package. I was born in Los Angeles and raised by Mexican and Salvadorian parents.

Since I was a little girl, food has never been left out of any family get together and chili sauce is always in the fridge. Abuela (grandma) has the largest pots and pans I have ever seen, and on a typical get together they hold the most amazing food for 6 children, their spouses, 20 grandchildren, their spouses, and now their kids! Needless to say, large quantities are always needed! Mom cooks with her heart, and hardly uses measurements, I have definitely inherited this so being completely honest, measuring my recipes will be one hilarious challenge.

About 3 years ago I discovered I am gluten intolerant which I thought would ruin my life, instead it has made me realise that nothing had to really change, and delicious family traditions were possible.

I met my wonderful husband in London, England and have just completed my first year living in the UK. Food has not just been something that makes me happy, but it has become like never before the taste of home. When you move countries finding the right ingredients isn’t always easy, so I have decided to include in my blog some challenges, frustrations, and achievements.

Here you will find that all my recipes are gluten free and full of lots of flavour. I cook with healthy ingredients, I experiment a lot, I enjoy recreating recipes and I like to cook with those I love in mind. A lot of my recipes will be inspired by my Mexican roots, but there will be quite the variety.

I am so glad you are here and honoured that you are part of the journey.

Cooking with love,