Pregnancy and Eating

So there is a little reason why I have been MIA from the food blog… Pregnancy!

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I am 19 weeks pregnant (almost half way!!) and found cooking and eating really difficult for most of my pregnancy thus far. I remember hearing loads of stories about food cravings and smells but I never realised you could also be completely put off of everything you once loved. For the first four months of my pregnancy I could not stand the smell of garlic, onions, mint, coriander (cilantro for my American friends), cumin, spices.. pretty much anything with flavour. It pained me so much knowing that cooking, the thing I enjoy so much, I was finding so difficult to do. The only things I wanted to eat were cheese sandwiches, risotto, and sausages with mashed potatoes.

Forwarding time to about 2 weeks ago, I have finally starting to enjoy food again. I am excited about cooking and although I still can’t manage the smell of mint and coriander, everything else is looking up! I am wanting chili sauces on almost everything and enjoying eating again. This makes me particularly happy because I was worried baby was not going to let me enjoy food for 9 months! Imagine the horror!! haha.

As far as emotions go, I am very thankful that I have not had the wave of emotions, although Josh might say otherwise. I have felt really nervous though about how much my body will change and what life will look like. The closer I am getting to 40 weeks the more excited and thankful I am also becoming. Yes my body is changing but it is changing because it is creating life and I can’t wait to meet our little one.

I am prayerfully embracing every part of this time with open arms and now that I feel more like myself again, I am looking forward to sharing more recipes with you.

Cooking with love,


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