£10 Crab Boil

Did you know you could have a crab boil on your table in just a little over 30 min and for £10?!?! Yup, you read that correctly! I know, I was pleasantly surprised too. Even though I am already going on two years living in England, today was the first time I popped in to an ASDA and I am so glad I did. You can find either a whole crab in the frozen section for £4.50 or large crab claws for £4. I opted for crab claws as they would be easier for sharing and you also find more crab meat in the claws. I will be honest I was nervous to buy frozen crab, but coming from a girl who loves her seafood, it did not disappoint.

Although this was my first time cooking a boil, just like all my other recipes I made sure it didn’t take forever. Who has the time to be waiting 1 hour and 45 min for a boil? No thanks!

So here’s my shortcut, pocket friendly, finger-licking good recipe.

Crab Boil 

Serves: 2
Prep: 5 min
Cooking time: 28 min
Tip:: If you don’t have a crab hammer you can use a can opener. Worked just as good for me!
Cost breakdown: crab claws £4, corn £.75, potatoes £.75, chorizo £2, butter £1, Cajun Seasoning £1.65

350g cooked crab claws
750g jazzy or baby potatoes halved
225g Chorizo sliced
125g salted butter
1 twin pack sweetcorn
3 tablespoons Cajun seasoning
1 tablespoon salt

Step 1: Preheat oven to 230 Celsius. In a stew pot over medium heat put your potatoes to boil with 1 tablespoon salt for 6 min(you can save some time by putting your tea kettle to boil). After 6 min add sweetcorn and allow to boil together for another 7 min.

Step 2: Add crab legs to pot and allow to boil for 2 min. Strain.

Step 3: Line a roasting tray with foil and add crab, potatoes, and corn. Season with Cajun seasoning and add chorizo.

Step 4: Heat butter in a microwavable jug for 1 min or until butter has melted. Pour evenly over your boil. Cover with foil.

Step 5: Put in oven for 14 min and then enjoy!

Cooking with Love,


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